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CNC Lathe Trainers with PC Based Controller

CNC Lathe Trainers with PC Based Controller


  • Rugged Machine with Ground Bed
  • 8 Station Programmable Turret
  • Industrial Motion Controller
  • Latest Technological Platform for Software
  • Interactive CNC Part Programming Software
  • 3D Material Removal Simulation
  • STL Import / Export Facility
  • Innovative live View on Screen
  • Customizable Tool Library
  • Customizable STK Design
  • Manual Pulse Generator (Optional)
  • FMS & CIM Compatibility
  • Hydraulic Chuck (Optional)
  • Auto Door (Optional) features of cnc lathe trainers

Machine Specifications:

 Model :  VLM-T- 100
 X – Axis Travel :  150 mm
 Z – Axis Travel :  200 mm
 Chuck Size :  100 mm (Hydraulic chuck ø 135 mm optional)
 Maximum Turning Diameter :  30 mm
 Maximum Turning Length :  150 mm
 Swing Over Cross Slide :  80 mm
 Spindle Nose Taper :  MT3
 Standard Cutting Tool Size :  16 x 16 mm
 Spindle Motor :  2 H.P DC Motor ( 300-3000 RPM)
 Resolution :  0.005 mm
 Repeatability :  ± 0.01 mm
 Automatic Lubrication Points :  Provided
 Interpolation :  Linear, Circular
 Programmable Feed Rate :  0- 800 mm/Min.
 Rapid Feed Rate :  0- 1200 mm/Min
 Control System :  PC Based System
 Turret :  8 Station ( Electro – Pneumatic )
 Coolant System :  40 Lts. ( Programmable )
 Lubrication :  Centralized ( Programmable )
 Axis Motor :  Stepper / Servo Motor (Optional)
 Mains Supply :  230 V AC, Single Phase
 Machine Dimensions :  Approx. 1500 x 900 x 1500 mm
 Total Weight :  Approx. 900 Kg.

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Our Successful Installation of CNC Lathe Trainer

Adsul’s Technical Campus, Ahmednagar Bhagirathi Education Society’s Industrial Training Centre, Jalgaon Almala Polytechnic, Latur
Eklavya Polytechnic, Kothrud, Pune Government ITI, Lonavala ISB&M School of technology, Mulshi, Pune
Govt. ITI Yeola Nashik ITI, Karwar, (Goa) Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur
Kasegaon Education Society’s Polytechnic, Pune, Maharashtra Rajendra Mane Polytechnic (Devrukh), Ratnagiri. Shri sai Shikshan Sanstha’s NIT Polytechnic, Nagpur
IIT, BOMBAY MET, BHUKBHAL KNOWLEDGE CITY, NASHIK Shree Swami Atmanand Saraswati Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad
D.A. Degree Engineering & Technology, Mahemdabad, Kheda. V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot N.G.patel Polytechnic, Surat
Govt. Polytechnic Udaipur Govt. Polytechnic, Kerwara. Shri Dadaji Institute of Technology & Science, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh
Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology & Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh Shriram College of Engineering & Management, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Truba Education Society, Bhopal
Shri Balaji Institute of technology and management, Betul  Jawaharlal Institute of Technology, Khargone, Borawan Bhadrak college of Engineering, Bhadrak. Technical Solutions, Indore
National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh Govt. Polytechnic, MahabubNagar. D.E.I. Technical College, Dayalbag, Agra
Alagappa Chettair College of Engineering & Technology, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu B C M Govt. Polytechnic College for Women, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu Government Polytechnic college, Muzaffarpur (BR) / Top Engineers- Batala
CMC College of Engg. Coimbatore Gudiyattam Polytechnic College, Gudiyattm, Vellor Anjali Ammal Mahalingam Engineering College., Thiruvarur, Kovilvenni 614403
Govt. College of Engineering, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Hayagriva Polytechnic College, Tamil Nadu Govt. College of Engineering, Theni, Tamil Nadu.
Infant Jesus College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu KSR Polytechnic College, Tamil Nadu I.T.I (Girls) Chittedu, Hydrabad
KUMARAN POLYTECHNIC, Chennai Baselious Mathews II college of Engg. Kollam, Kerala KINGS ENGINEERING COLLEGE, CHENNAI
Hindustan College of Engg. Kochi Mohan Engg College Kochi Trivendrum Govt. I.T.I., Kerala
Indian Institute of Infrastructure & Construction, Chavara, Kollam Brainware Group of Institiutions, Shri Budhha College, Allapuza, Kerala
Gargi Memorial Institue of Technology, Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology, Kolkata Future Institute of Engineering & Management, Sonarpur, Kolkata
Asansol Engineering College, Kolkata, West Bengal Greater Kolkata College of Engineering & Management, Dudhnai Baruipur Fututre Institute of Technology, Garia, Kolkata
G.B.Pant college of Engg., Okhla, Delhi Global Instittute of Technology, Kolkata Subharati Technical University, Meerut.
Haryana Institute of Technology, Haryana Cambridge Institute of Polytechnic, Ranchi. ABIT, CUTUK
Bajaj Institute of Technology, Wardha Bamboo Research and Training Centre, Chichpalli, Chandrapur SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology, Jalgaon
SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology, Jalgaon Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of engineering and technology, Kolhapur Govt. Polytechnic, Pajarpol, Ahmedabad
Savli incubation Centre, Savli Alwar Institute of Tech. Alwar, Rajasthan Arya College of Engineering, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Deep Training Institute, Alwar, Rajasthan K.I.E.T Meerut, U.P Vignan's Institute Of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam.
K. P. Engineering College, Agra, U. P Sarasvati Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad, U. P Shri Ram College of Engineering & Management Gwalior, U.P
Shri Satya Sai University of Tech &Medical Science, Agra Mehr Chand Polytechnic College, Jalandhar University College of Engineering, Arni, Chennai
University College of Engineering Kanchipuram, Chennai University College of Engineering Villupuram, Chennai University College of Engineering Ariyalur, Trichy
University College of Engineering Tirukkuvalai, Trichy University College of Engineering Pattukottai, Trichy University College of Engineering Panruti, Trichy
University College of Engineering Dindigul, Madurai University College of Engineering Ramanathapuram, Madurai University College of Engineering Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli
University College of Engineering Nagercoil, Tirunelveli Techno India Group of Institutions, Kolkata, West Bengal Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal
Batanagar Institute of Engineering Management & Science, Kolkata, West Bengal Camellia Institute Of Technology, Kolkata Institute of Engineering & Management, Salt lake, Kolkata
Camellia School of Engineering and Technology, Barasat, Kolkata University of Engineering and Management, Salt Lake, Kolkata Govt. Polytechnic, Dumka, Jharkhand
NTPC Ltd. National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi.

CNC Lathe Trainer Types

Benchtop CNC Lathe Trainer

Benchtop CNC lathe trainers are compact machines designed for small-scale training environments or educational settings where space is limited. They typically feature simplified controls and are used for basic CNC lathe programming and operation training.

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Industrial CNC Lathe Trainer

Industrial CNC lathe trainers resemble full-scale industrial CNC lathes and are designed for comprehensive training on advanced CNC machining techniques. They are larger and more robust, suitable for teaching multi-axis machining, complex part geometries, and advanced programming.

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Multi-Axis CNC Lathe Trainer

Multi-axis CNC lathe trainers have the capability to perform machining operations on multiple axes beyond the traditional X and Z axes found in standard lathes. They are used to teach students about complex machining processes involving features such as milling, drilling, and turning on multiple axes simultaneously.

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Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Integrated CNC Lathe Trainer

These trainers are equipped with CAM software integration, allowing students to generate CNC programs directly from computer-aided design (CAD) models. They provide a comprehensive learning experience by combining CAD/CAM principles with CNC machining operations.

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Simulated CNC Lathe Trainer

Simulated CNC lathe trainers use simulation software to replicate CNC lathe operations virtually. While they do not have physical machining capabilities, they offer a cost-effective way to teach CNC programming, operation, and troubleshooting in a virtual environment.

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Educational CNC Lathe Trainer

Educational CNC lathe trainers are specifically designed for educational institutions and vocational training centers. They often come with comprehensive curriculum materials, tutorials, and exercises to facilitate learning in CNC machining technology.

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Customized CNC Lathe Trainer

Customized CNC lathe trainers are tailored to specific educational or industrial requirements. They may incorporate specialized features or capabilities based on the training objectives and needs of the users, offering a personalized learning experience.

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CNC Lathe Trainer Features

Precision Machining Capabilities Our CNC lathe trainer machines offer precise machining capabilities, ensuring accurate and high-quality production of workpieces.
Comprehensive Educational Curriculum Each CNC lathe trainer machine comes with a comprehensive educational curriculum, covering CNC programming, operation, and machining techniques.
User-Friendly Interface With an intuitive user interface, our CNC lathe trainer machines are easy to operate, making them suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.
Safety Interlocks and Emergency Stop Safety is paramount, which is why our CNC lathe trainer machines are equipped with safety interlocks and emergency stop buttons to ensure user protection.
CAD-CAM Software Integration Our CNC lathe trainer machines seamlessly integrate with CAD-CAM software, allowing users to design parts digitally and generate CNC programs for machining.
Customizable Training Programs Tailor the training experience to your institution's needs with customizable training programs available on our CNC lathe trainer machines.
Portable Tabletop Design The tabletop design of our CNC lathe trainer machines makes them portable and space-saving, perfect for educational institutions with limited space.
PC-Based Control System Featuring a PC-based control system, our CNC lathe trainer machines offer flexibility and ease of programming for enhanced training experiences.
Multi-Axis Machining Capability Our CNC lathe trainer machines are capable of multi-axis machining, allowing users to create complex geometries with precision and efficiency.
Durable Construction Built to withstand rigorous use, our CNC lathe trainer machines feature durable construction for long-term reliability and performance.
Demonstration Mode Use the demonstration mode feature on our CNC lathe trainer machines to showcase machining processes and techniques to students or industry professionals.
Tool Turret or Changer With a tool turret or changer, our CNC lathe trainer machines offer quick and efficient tool changes, optimizing machining processes and reducing downtime.
Integrated Workholding Devices Our CNC lathe trainer machines come with integrated workholding devices, ensuring secure clamping of workpieces during machining operations.
Remote Monitoring and Control Monitor and control our CNC lathe trainer machines remotely, allowing instructors to supervise training sessions and troubleshoot issues from a distance.
Automatic Tool Calibration Simplify setup procedures with automatic tool calibration on our CNC lathe trainer machines, ensuring accurate machining results with minimal manual intervention.
Modular Design for Easy Maintenance The modular design of our CNC lathe trainer machines facilitates easy maintenance and servicing, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.
Industry-Standard Components Our CNC lathe trainer machines are equipped with industry-standard components, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of tooling and accessories.
Real-Time Machining Simulation Experience real-time machining simulation on our CNC lathe trainer machines, allowing users to visualize and optimize machining processes before execution.
Optional Accessories and Upgrades Enhance the functionality of our CNC lathe trainer machines with optional accessories and upgrades, tailored to meet specific training requirements.
Energy-Efficient Operation Our CNC lathe trainer machines are designed for energy-efficient operation, helping to reduce power consumption and operating costs over time.

CNC Lathe Trainer Applications

Vocational Training Centers

CNC lathe trainers are extensively used in vocational training centers to develop practical skills among students aspiring for careers in machining and manufacturing industries. These trainers offer hands-on experience with CNC programming, operation, and machining, preparing students for entry-level positions in the workforce.

Engineering Education Institutions

Engineering colleges and universities utilize CNC lathe trainers as educational tools to teach students about manufacturing processes, CNC machining principles, and advanced manufacturing technologies. These trainers bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enhancing students' understanding of CNC machining concepts.

Prototyping and Product Development:

CNC lathe trainers are employed in prototyping and product development processes across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Engineers and designers use these trainers to create prototypes, test designs, and iterate quickly before full-scale production, reducing time-to-market and development costs.

Workforce Training in Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing companies utilize CNC lathe trainers to train their workforce in CNC programming, setup, and operation. This ensures that operators and technicians are proficient in operating CNC machines, reducing errors, improving productivity, and ensuring product quality in manufacturing processes.

Research and Development Facilities

CNC lathe trainers are used in research and development (R&D) facilities to explore new machining techniques, develop innovative manufacturing processes, and optimize machining parameters. Researchers use these trainers to conduct experiments, collect data, and analyze results for improving manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Small-Scale Production and Job Shops

Small-scale production facilities and job shops utilize CNC lathe trainers for manufacturing custom parts, prototypes, and small batches of products. These trainers offer flexibility in production, allowing manufacturers to produce a wide range of components with high precision and consistency.

STEM Education Programs

CNC lathe trainers are valuable tools in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education programs at schools and educational institutions. They introduce students to engineering design principles, manufacturing processes, and automation technologies, inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Professional Development for Machinists

Experienced machinists and operators use CNC lathe trainers to enhance their skills, learn new machining techniques, and stay updated with the latest advancements in CNC technology. Continuous training on CNC lathe trainers helps machinists improve their productivity and adapt to changing industry requirements.


A CNC lathe trainer is a machine designed for educational purposes, teaching students CNC programming and machining techniques using a lathe. It works by translating digital instructions (G-code) into precise movements of cutting tools to shape workpieces.

Key features of a CNC lathe trainer machine include computerized control systems, precision machining capabilities, tool turrets or changers, and integrated safety features to facilitate effective training.

Educational CNC machines provide hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to develop skills in programming, machining, and problem-solving, preparing them for careers in manufacturing.

A CNC lathe trainer kit typically includes the lathe machine, computer control system, software, tooling, instructional materials, and safety equipment tailored for educational purposes.

Yes, a CNC lathe trainer is often used for demonstrations to showcase CNC machining processes, programming techniques, and machine capabilities to students and industry professionals.

PC-based CNC lathe machines offer flexibility, ease of programming, and integration with CAD/CAM software for creating complex part geometries and optimizing machining processes.

A CNC trainer lathe machine provides a controlled environment for beginners to practice CNC programming, tool setup, and machining operations under supervision, accelerating their learning curve.

A CNC lathe machine (trainer type) is specifically designed for educational purposes, featuring simplified controls, safety interlocks, and instructional materials tailored for training purposes.

Yes, a tabletop trainer CNC lathe is compact and portable, making it ideal for small workshops, classrooms, or labs where space is limited.

Consider factors such as automation level, machining capabilities, software integration, and available support when selecting a CNC lathe trainer model for your institution.

Yes, a CNC lathe trainer machine can be integrated with CAD-CAM software, allowing students to design parts digitally, generate CNC programs, and simulate machining operations before actual machining.

Some reputable educational CNC machine manufacturers in India include [Manufacturer Name 1], [Manufacturer Name 2], and [Manufacturer Name 3], known for their quality products and customer support.

Essential components of a CNC lathe trainer kit include the lathe machine, control software, cutting tools, workholding devices, safety equipment, and instructional materials.

A CNC trainer lathe machine provides hands-on experience with CNC programming and machining, allowing students to develop practical skills and troubleshoot common issues encountered in CNC machining.

An educational CNC lathe machine can be used to teach CNC programming, tool selection, workpiece setup, machining strategies, and quality control techniques to students in vocational training programs or engineering courses.

Main features of an educational CNC lathe trainer include a user-friendly interface, simulation capabilities, safety features, interactive learning materials, and compatibility with CAD-CAM software for comprehensive CNC training.

An educational CNC lathe tutors machine provides instructors with tools and resources to demonstrate CNC machining processes, assess student progress, and facilitate interactive learning experiences in the classroom or lab.

CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. CNC lathe trainer machines stand out due to their robust construction, precise machining capabilities, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive training resources provided to users.

Yes, CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers customization options for CNC lathe trainer machines to meet the specific requirements of educational institutions, including tailored features, software integration, and branding options.

CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides extensive support and training services to users of their CNC lathe trainer machines, including installation assistance, technical support, comprehensive user manuals, and onsite training sessions.

Yes, CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. CNC lathe trainer machines are compatible with industry-standard CAD/CAM software, enabling seamless integration for part design, programming, and simulation.

CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. CNC lathe trainer machines are equipped with advanced safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and protective enclosures to ensure the safety of users during operation.

Yes, CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers international shipping services for their CNC lathe trainer machines, ensuring global accessibility to their products for educational institutions and training centers worldwide.

CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. implements stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process of their CNC lathe trainer machines, including rigorous inspections, testing, and adherence to industry standards.

CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. recommends regular maintenance procedures for their CNC lathe trainer machines, including lubrication, cleaning, calibration checks, and routine inspections to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. can provide references from satisfied customers who have successfully implemented their CNC lathe trainer machines in educational institutions, showcasing their reliability and effectiveness.


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Educational CNC Lathe Trainer Kit For Engineering College & Demonstration Purpose. PC Based Tabletop Trainer CNC Lathe. Best Quality | Easy to Setup | InStock | Ready to Ship in PAN India

Welcome to CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd., your premier destination for top-quality CNC Lathe Trainer machines. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of CNC lathe trainers designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, training centers, and manufacturing industries.

Our CNC Lathe Trainer machines are engineered to provide a seamless learning experience for students and professionals alike. Whether you're looking to equip your engineering college with advanced training tools or seeking to enhance your workforce's skills in CNC machining, we have the perfect solution for you.

Whether you're in need of a tabletop CNC Lathe Trainer, a PC-based CNC Lathe machine, or a comprehensive CNC Lathe Trainer kit for your engineering college, CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has got you covered. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry.

If you're ready to take your CNC machining training programs to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our CNC Lathe Trainer machines and how they can benefit your institution or business. Experience the difference with CAD Mech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - your trusted source for CNC machining excellence.

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