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Authorized India Distributor For Educational Sector.


Machine Specifications:

Model DRV70L Series DRV90L Series DRVA1L Series DRVA4L Series
Number of Axes 6
Max Working Range 710mm 900mm 1,111mm 1,4111mm
Max.Payload 7kg
Motion Range J1 ±170°
J2 +133°⁄-105° +133°⁄-105° +133°⁄-105°
J3 +60°/-205°
J4 ±190°
J5 ±120°
J6 ±360°
Max.Speed J1 450°/sec 370°/sec 240°/sec 200°/sec
J2 340°/sec 260°/sec 220°/sec 165°/sec
J3 510°/sec 410°/sec 295°/sec 220°/sec
J4 550°/sec 465°/sec
J5 550°/sec 480°/sec
J6 820°/sec 705°/sec
Max Composite Speed 11,000 mm/sec 10,600 mm/sec 9,400 mm/sec 9,100 mm/sec
Allowable inertia J4 0.47kg*m
J5 0.47kg*m
J6 0.15kg*m
Allowable Moment J4 16.6 Nm
J5 16.6 Nm
J6 9.4 Nm
Repeatability ±0.02mm  ±0.03mm ±0.04mm ±0.05mm
Standard Cycle Time 0.32 sec 0.35 sec 0.48 sec 0.54 sec
Installations Table-top,ceiling-mount,wall-mount
Built-in design

with 1 12Pos circular connector for sensor connections and 2 ∅6 pnuematic tubes 

(one for the embedded 3 sets of soleniod valves,one for extension)

IP Rating IP40(Standard) / IP65(Optional) IP65(Standard)
Environment Ambient Temperature 0°C ∼40°C
Humidity 20∼85% RH
Vibrations 0.5 G
Weight 37kg 39kg 76kg 82kg
Robot Controller DCV Series

DRV 70L Series:

DRV 90L Series:

Salient Features:

  • Excellent Speed & Repeatability
  • xcellent Speed & Repeatability
  • Table-top, Ceiling-mount, and Wall-mount Installations
  • Compact Design for Easy Installation and Fast Production Line Application User-Friendly Interface
  • DRAStudio Intuitive interfaces
  • Real-time support via complete customer feedback interface
  • Categorized projects and models for easy management
  • Intuitive coding environment with drag and drop functions
  • Easy-to-Operate
  • User-defined IO Functions
  • Multiple DI/Os for real-time monitoring and operation
  • Total system development with external equipment via serial connection
  • Easy Setup for Fast Integration
  • Provides 9 user frames and tool frames
  • Wide Range of Motion Setting for Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Description :-

We Are Authorized India Distributor For Delta DRV70L Series Robot, DRV90L Series Robot, DRVA1L Series Robot, DRVA4L Series Robot In Education Sector.

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