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Automatic Storage And Retrieval Systems - ASRS

Automatic Storage And Retrieval Systems - ASRS

Cadmech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Storage And Retrieval Systems. ASRS is a training systems that can be used as stand-along or interated manufacturing systems to each the principles of automatic storage and material handling.

 Application :  Automatic Storage & Material Retrieval System
 for components
 Plateform :  The Platform is Traversed in X & Y, Axes by Ball Screw, DC,
 Stepper Motors and PC Control Unit
 Storage Racks :  18 (6 Rows x 3 Columns)
 Transfer Systems :  Platform will be provided to transfer the pallet from the ASRS Racks
  to AGV or Linear Shuttle Conveyor
 ASRS :  Controller PC Based
 Load Capacity :  5 Kg
 Dimension :  1000 mm X 350 mm X 1200 mm (W X D X H)
 Travel - X Axis :  1200 mm
 Travel - Y Axis :  250 mm
 Travel - z Axis :  1000 mm
 Digital I/O :  48 Nos.
 Communication :  Ethernet USB / Wi-Fi
 Control Moders :  Auto / Manual
 Simulation :  Online / Offline with FMS / CIM Setup

Description :-

Save Floor Space With ASRS Solutions, Vertical Carousel Storage, Vertical Lift Modules. Increase Productivity by 67% & Save Floor Space.

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