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Machine Specifications:

 Model  DIR-RW14-10
 X – Arm Form  Vertical multiple joints
 Degree of freedom  6 axis
 Z – Maximium Payload 10KG
 Repeated positioning accuracy  ±0.08mm
 Maximum reaching distance 1454mm
 Robot body weight  170 KG
 Installation mode  Ground,Upside down mounting,wall mounting
 Maximium Travel axis1

Ground/Upside down mounting - 167°∼167° , wall mounting


axis2  -155°∼90°
axis3  175°∼240°
axis4  -190°∼190°
axis5  105°∼130°
axis6  -210°∼210°
 Maximium Speed axis1 169° /s
axis2 169° /s
axis3 169° /s
axis4 301° /s
axis5 220° /s
axis6 743° /s
 Allowable to rque axis4 20 N.m
axis5 20 N.m
axis6 11 N.m
 Allowable to moment of inertia axis4 0.5 kg.m²
  axis5 0.5 kg.m²
  axis6 0.16 kg.m²
 Installation environment ambient temperature 0∼45°C
relative humidity 20∼80 % (No condensation)
vibration Under 0.5 G

Robot installation must be away from :

Flammable or corrosive liquids or gases, electric sources of interference

 IP Level  Body IP54 , wrist IP67
 Advantage Features  Compact structure, high speed, high precision, high expansibilty and easy operation
Application   welding,cutting,assembly, handling,marking ,rinding

Motion Range Diagram

DIR-RW14-10 :

Installation Interface Diagram

  • Installation Dimension of Base

  • Flange Dimensions

Software Features:

  • The arm span is 1.4 meters. The design is highly compact and can be flexibly installed on the ground or upside down.
  • With large working space, fast running speed and high repeated positioning accuracy, it is suitable for wide range of welding applications.
  • The safety emergency stop board and pendent of the control system is equipped with, and the safety relay circuit is adopted to provide double-circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliability of emergency stop.
  • The robot body adopts highly flexible special cable.
  • Built-in three-phase transformer makes 380V and 220V isolated to help the power supply more stable. Built-in three-phase filter can effectively improve the performance of EMC and EMI.
  • Coordinate System and Movement Recording Function
  • The robot body is with dual-circuit gas pipe to meet the welding demand.
  • The inner diameter of 6-axis middle hole is 44mm, it can meet the installation requirements of water-cooling torch and bellows torch.
  • Highly flexible welding cable is built-in.

Success Cases :

DIR-RW14-10 Industrial Robot has been successfully applied to improve production line efficiency and yield rates for consistent quality delivery

Applications :

Load / Unload, Machine Tending, Assembly, Insertion, Inspection and Screw-driving.

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