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PLC trainer kit with digital input/outputs and analog inputs

PLC trainer kit with digital input/outputs and analog inputs

Machine Specifications:

 PLC make :  Any multinational brand
 Available project memory/user memory :  25 Kbyte
 Work memory :   integrated 25 Kbyte
 Load memory  :  integrated 1 Mbyte
 CPU/ blocks Number of blocks (total) DBs, FCs, FBs, counters, timers) :  : Up to 65,535 blocks can be addressed. There is no limit, use of the entire work memory
 Data areas and their retentively retentive data area :  2048 byte
 Digital channels :   • integrated channels (DI) 6 DC
• integrated channels (DO) 4 DC mosfet
 Analog channels :   Integrated channels (AI) 2,10bit resolution
 Time of day Clock     Hardware clock (real-time clock) Yes
 1st interface Type of interface :  Ethernet with PROFINET protocol
 Digital inputs Number of digital inputs :   6; Integrated 6; of which, inputs usable for technological functions 3; HSC (High Speed Counting)
 High-speed outputs :  2; 100 kHz Pulse Train Output
 Number of counters :  3 Counter frequency (counter) max. 100 kHz
Trainer Panel: MS powder coated panel with acrylic front with details
 Analog potentiometers for PLC :  2nos with dial marking
 Digital output connectivity :  : 4 nos double pole 24v relay with potential free terminology and direct 4mm banana connector for 24v side
 Digital input connectivity :  6nos industrial standard connectivity with 4mm banana connector with industrial grade push button and selector
 Featured option :  PLC must contain the program for Modbus TCP/IP master

Description :-

We At CadMech Manufactures & Supplies Best Quality PLC and VFD Trainer Kit At Lowest Prices Ever.

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