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Instrumentation Lab Equipments

Instrumentation Lab Equipments

Cadmech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is leading manufacturers of Instrumentation Lab Equipments

Fluid Machanics Lab
 Fluid Machanics Lab
 VIP- 1 Study of Stepper Motor Trainer  VIP-12 Flow Transmitter Trainer
 VIP-2 Speed Control of DIC Motor  VIP-13 P/I Convertor
 VIP-3 NC Positioning Servo System  VIP-14 Temperature loop Control Trainer
 VIP-4 DIC Positioning Servo System  VIP-15 level loop Control Trainer
 VIP-5 Study of RTD Characteristics  VIP-16 Pressure loop Control Trainer
 VIP-6 Data Acquisition System  VIP-17 Flow loop Control Trainer
 VIP-7 ONIOFF Controller  VIP-18 PlC Trainer
 VIP-8 PID Controller Trainer  VIP-19 PC Based Multi Process Control System
 VIP-9 Temperature Transmitter Trainer  VIP-20 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester
 VIP- 10 level Transmitter Trainer  VIP-21 Vaccum Gauge Tester

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Industrial Instrumentation Lab Equipment: An Anemometer Is A Device Used For Measuring The Speed Of Wind, And Is Also A Common Weather Station.

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